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Blog cleanup


I've decided to clear up my blog posts and start anew! I'm currently doing a general update on my website for the new year! I guess I'll keep this entry short... happy new year everyone!

 ꒰ goodbye 2023 ꒱   

after almost 3 years i was finally able to catch up with commissions!! and the work list is already growing again oof... i hope i can catch some breaks this next year!

speaking of which, tomorrow is new year! it doesn't feel like it tho... i feel like i skiped these last 4 years - although alot happened in my life during that time... i still feel hopelessly nostalgic and somewhat "stuck" in the last decade... and i feel like time is slipping out of my hands. i don't want to get old this fast

ok enough with the drama - on happy news, i enjoyed christmas this year very much! alot of yummy food and santa was generous very jolly week. ok write you next year!


୨୧ posted on 31 december 2023

 ꒰ site update! ꒱   

In typical arunyi fashion, I changed my layout again! I have two wolves inside me; one is y2k webcore, the other is cottagecore...

I've been absent from the site this month, I'm trying to catch up on work and been playing final fantasy on my breaks! I have been thinking about adding a photo album to the website! I'd like to share my journal spreads, outfits, stuff I bake and more but I'm always shy when it comes to sharing pictures


୨୧ posted on 30 november 2023

 ꒰ i'm sick... *cough* ꒱   

the weather has been chaotic this month and spent the entirety of october sick... i've also been burnt out from work but decided not to take any breaks and now i have migraines... i know i shouldn't overwork myself and have a healthy schedule but i always feel guilty when i take time for myself, even if i need it it also makes me anxious when my work piles up... all my clients have been supportive and understanding, some even encourage me to take breaks but it's hard to change this behaviour in me. if i'm not beeing productive i just feel bad about myself and don't know how to change this

in other news i changed the layout again, maybe the blue hues will make me feel calmer


୨୧ posted on 26 october 2023

 ꒰ cozy time ꒱   

i made a new layout for autumn! i still love the previous layout but the cold weather gave me this urge to make something cozy... hopefully i'll come back to the y2k/webcore design again, it's hard to pick your own aesthetic when you like too many i'm also working on a secret project i am dying to share, hope i can bring it to you soon!
other than that, this was a quick month! internet has been giving me headaches so i'm trying to focus more on work, baking, journaling and other healthy activities stay safe and happy mabon!


୨୧ posted on 28 september 2023

 ꒰ i'm bad with titles ꒱   

hi everyone! i am so happy to announce that i survived the heat wave lol this month went by fast and i don't have much to say... just spent these days working on commissions and making some tweaks on my site as usual i'm also planing on opening my online shop! it's the first time i will do so and i admit i am a bit nervous about it! i hope i can handle the extra work i am also planing on opening carrd template commissions since i have been getting many requests! i wish i had a clone to help me with all the extra work right now, i am looking forward for the autumn! i miss wearing my cozy sweaters and having a hot coco and falling asleep to the rain


୨୧ posted on 28 august 2023

 ꒰ grinding ꒱   

these last days have been a hot mess! i am still trying to pick up on commissions and did not get a single day off this month! nonthelss, i've been having fun working on the orders! i just wish i could work a bit faster needless to say, i didn't got the time to finish the site's layout, i've only been doing some tweaks here and there!

i've also been stressing a bit with social media... it's as if it was designed to make people insecure! artists have been dependent on sns to get their work out there and we have been going through some rough times i think i'm super lucky to be able to live off of my art and every single day i feel grateful!! i know even if sns die, i'll always have people's support i guess feeling insecure comes with this job after all!


୨୧ posted on 30 july 2023

 ꒰ summer bummer ꒱   

this month felt like a whole year!? i changed my layout twice (if you missed the previous layout, check it on the layout page) this current layout is inspired by my new oc rain! the layout is still in progress and i am very much obssessed with webcore and frutiger aero, they just take me back! plus the baby blue is very soothing during this very hot weather in other news, i got heat exhausted and took some days off to rest... which is delaying my commissions and that makes me anxious i'm also looking for a new house to move since the neighborhood i live in is becoming less safe... thankfully everyone has been very supportive but the trouble lies in finding a new house... fingers crossed cant wait for winter to come, the heat is driving me crazy!!


୨୧ posted on 29 june 2023

 ꒰ burning ꒱   

this was a pretty hard month... i got a burn out and just when i was starting to feel better i got sick! i've been hyper focused on commissions and work and decided to take it slow but commissions are pilling up and the bills don't pay themselves sadly i haven't got the time to work on my other projects lately... i hope next month i'll be able to catch up and maybe take some days off on a happier note, i got zelda totk and i'm very excited to play it, although i am restricting my playing time so i can finish as much work as i can, oof


୨୧ posted on 26 may 2023

 ꒰ spring sprong ꒱   

spring is always a bitter-sweet time for me... the sun comes out and it makes me feel lazy but also the nature looks beautiful and i feel inspired to work! maybe too inspired... there are so many projects i want to work on and i end up not doing nothing i've been doing light activities such as reading and yoga to help me relax... can't wait for winter to come again honestly


୨୧ posted on 28 apr 2023

 ꒰ nostalgia strikes ꒱   

I've finally been able to (almost) catch up to my commissions YES!!!! Finally I can take some time for myself and started playing Cereza and the lost demon! Such a perfect game I also got more time to work on side projects! This month I've been feeling very nostalgic and in response I started Saudade. Maybe all the liminal spaces and nostalgic videos I've been watching got to me


୨୧ posted on 29 mar 2023

 ꒰ so tired... ꒱   

Oh boy another busy month! I spent the whole month working on commissions non-stop but still have some orders on my to do list I also got sick so I tried to focus my energy on commissions, haven't been spending too much time online... but I'm working on a new site project hehe~ but it's still a secret! Hope March will be more easy-going


୨୧ posted on 28 feb 2023

 ꒰ new layout ꒱   

I spent the whole month working from day to night on art and commissions and I feel a bit drained out... so I decided to make a new layout for the website~! I am also working on "arunyi+" which is a ko-fi membership if you want to support me and get some perks in return ok, break is over now! I'm returning to my commissions~


୨୧ posted on 26 jan 2023

 ꒰ happy holidays ꒱   

Another busy month!! Hope everyone had great holidays! I have been working on commissions non-stop and my money is running out but this is what you get when you're a freelance artist I'm trying to look for other ways to receive an income and I decided to put an icon batch for sale, will probably do more!! It also doesn't help that bills and groceries and doubling the prices, what a weird time to live in... I'm getting back to commissions now, talk to you next year~!


୨୧ posted on 27 dec 2022

 ꒰ busy busy ꒱   

The cute artist directory is finally done!! Check it here For the past week I've been staying up all nights working on it but everyone's support gave me enough energy~! I'm still working 24/7 on commissions tho; I do wish I was faster at completing them but I don't want anything to be rushed and garantee the best quality My gratitude doesn't fit in a blog post!
I wonder if anyone reads these...


୨୧ posted on 30 nov 2022

 ꒰ cute directory ꒱   

This sure was a long week I've been staying up late working on a new project: a directory for cute artists!! (I added it to the link page!) After what happened with dA and twitter, I really wanted to do something for the community who has helped me through these years and maybe this project will help them get some visibility I would love to create something much bigger but I doubt I can handle it, so this directory will be more specific for "cutesy" art styles! I hope this inspires other people to do similar directories for their own communities; if everything goes well, I'll try to expand this community to as many artists as possible! Fingers crossed!!


୨୧ posted on 21 nov 2022